How to write a classification essay

One of the most common essay students would be requested to write in college is a classification essay. A classification essay is an essay that categorizes ideas or things in an organized, logical way. A classification essay recognizes or sort argument of the essay into different categories.  When written a classification essay, the essay should present the essay theme. The introduction is straightforward; all you need to do is to write a thesis statement mentioning the number or type of things according to the different properties.

In the following paragraphs, it’s important to define each type of categories mention in the thesis; you can show similarities and difference of these categories giving an example for readers to understand. Explain what each classification is in the body paragraph. Remember that when writing classification essay, three main steps include organizing things into categories, use a single organizing principle and give an example how these things fit into each category. Like other essays, classification essay should have a conclusion that summarizes all the key points in the body paragraph, before ending with a memorable statement to justify you classification principle. Following the above steps, you will have developed a classification essay.


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